Obtains the current status of the iRMX environment.


Use the syntax exactly as shown. Do not use underscores or dollar signs ($) in this system call.

Syntax, PL/M and C

Status = RQEGetRmxStatus;

Status = RQEGetRmxStatus();

Parameter PL/M Data Type C Data Type
status WORD_32 UINT_32

Return Value

statusIndicates the operational state of iRMX.

Additional Information

Issue this call from DOS applications before calling any other RTE primitive to ensure that RTE services are available. Unpredictable results will occur if RTE primitives are called when iRMX is not present.

Condition Codes

E_OK 0000H iRMX OS is loaded and running.
E_EXIST 0006H iRMX OS is not present (or unavailable).