Specifies a mailbox that will receive failure messages generated by the watchdog timer, so that the task can be notified of board failures in a Multibus II system.

Syntax, PL/M and C

CALL rq$add$reconfig$mailbox (mailbox, except_ptr);

rq_add_reconfig_mailbox (mailbox, except_ptr);

Parameter PL/M Data Type C Data Type
except_ptr POINTER to WORD_16 UINT_16 far *


A token for a data mailbox created by the application, which will receive notification if another board fails in the system. The notification message sent to the mailbox has this structure:



typedef struct {


The lower 12 bits of this value is the slot ID of the host to which this message applies (range 0-20). The upper 4 bits is the incarnation number of the hostís latest existence message. See the type field to determine whether the incarnation number is for a failed host or is the new incarnation of a reset host.

typeOne of the following values indicates whether the message is a remote host failure or remote host reset:


WD_HOST_FAILUREThe watchdog timer expired without receiving an existence message from this host. This incarnation has failed.

WD_HOST_RESETThe incarnation number in the received existence message is not the same as previously received from this host, indicating that the host was reset. This incarnation is new.

A pointer to a variable declared by the application where the call returns a condition code.

Additional Information

This call takes advantage of the iRMX watchdog timer mechanism in a Multibus II system. Before making this call the application must create the mailbox with an rq_create_mailbox call. Set the flags to create a data mailbox that will use the send_data and receive_data system calls.

Configure parameters for the watchdog timer on the MBII screen of the ICU. Specify the maximum number of reconfiguration mailboxes that will be used on this board in the WDP parameter of that screen. In addition to reconfiguration mailboxes used by your application, the ARC server and each offboard client of the ARC server use one mailbox each.

Condition Codes

E_OK 0000H No exceptional conditions occurred.
E_LIMIT 0004H The maximum configured number of reconfiguration mailboxes is already in use. Increase the limit in the WDP parameter of the MBII screen.
E_TYPE 8002H The mailbox is not a data mailbox.