Enables or disables tracking of CPU use by the operating system.

See also:rq_get_task_accounting to receive the tracking information

Syntax, PL/M and C

CALL rq_system_accounting (mode, except_ptr);

rq_system_accounting (mode, except_ptr);

Parameter PL/M Data Type C Data Type
except_ptr POINTER to WORD_16 UINT_16 *


modeOne of the following. If you specify the same mode that is already in effect, the call returns an E_CONTEXT exception.

Value Meaning
0 Disables tracking of CPU use
0FFH Enables tracking of CPU use

A pointer to a variable declared by the application where the call returns a condition code.

Additional Information

Since an error will be returned if the CPU utilization mode specified in the call is already in effect, first use the rq_get_task_accounting call with the reset_opt parameter set to 0 to determine the current mode.

Condition Codes

E_OK 0000H No exceptional conditions occurred.
E_CONTEXT 0005H The tracking mode specified in the call is already in effect.